ART 304 – Radical Rectangles Project

Radical Rectangles: Students explored Futurist Ideas about fashion, and the Russian Avant-Garde, and read manifestos about Fashion, from the Text AGAINST FASHION: CLOTHING AS ART, 1850-1930.  From this research they created their own manifesto, a garment using only rectangles shapes and drawn textile swatch.

Here are a few of the outcomes:

Jena Johnson

Re-Invent Our System Through Efficiency and Creativity.

1 – Positive body image – feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside: Upon slipping into the costume, the wearer should feel good about themselves, as well as the world around them.  The garment should be comfortable, practical, authentic, and of good manufacturing quality – like a second skin, which you would be proud to wear.  Fashion should be viewed, as art and the same amount of craft should go into the garment to match the creativity.  You should feel as good in your clothing as you do when you take an amazing bubble bath, with candles, wine, and a good book.  And too many clothes are made to fit a certain type of body.  Why is this?  There’s no sense in it.   All this does is seemingly constrict certain styles to a certain class or body type.  And that’s outright redundant.  I propose that all of this changes right now.  We should all be able to feel good as humans, all of the time.  And as the hands of humans make the garments, those hands should also be cared for with positive and adequate work conditions. This is in order to reward these workers for their love, sweat, and soul, that goes into the overall production.

2 – Help our economy by bringing work over here which would stabilize the cost of labor – create jobs for everyone: If United States manufacturers were to research which resources were produced in their native countries, and created some positions in the U.S. in order to work with those raw materials and create product; then the cost of labor would not be so expensive here by saving on export and import tax and would lessen the need for outsourcing labor.   Considering that 80 percent of this Nation’s apparel is outsourced to other countries for “cheap” labor, this would help to stabilize our economy, and the harsh conditions would decrease as well by also further regulating the present factories in other countries.    What if I made you an outfit, which was made specifically for your body type with interchangeable, detachable accessories, so that you per say have 5 outfits rather than one?  It wouldn’t be made for pennies cheap, oh no no no.  How about good quality fabrics, construction and amazing for an affordable price?  And you wouldn’t pay for 5 garments, you would pay conveniently for two instead.  Let’s get our sewers to work in this country, so that the labor isn’t too expensive to operate within the country, yet we would be producing great quality garments at an affordable price, stabilize our economy, and 5% of the proceeds, well after paying everyone their hard earned wages, would go to the international non-profit theatre company which I intend to create.

3 – Non-profit theatre company as counseling through creativity and early craft/skill development in children for a better direction – getting the parents and community involved with the kids of tomorrow: This theatre company will consist of volunteers, teachers, parents and anyone within the community who wants to help out with the cause of our future that is our children.  If you look at the public school system, how often do our kids really develop the craft and skill early on based on the materials that they are learning in order to give them guidance and a sense of direction for when the day comes (oh so shortly) that they are on their own?  It would be most helpful if there was less government involvement in the curriculum protocol.  Professors, scholars, teachers and parents could help to re-evaluate the current curriculum and see what’s enriching their education and what could be omitted.  This would be based on test scores, subject grade specification and so forth. Why not just take it into our own hands and help the children outside of school also, and have these workshops be their “extracurricular activity”? We would be helping them to establish self-esteem, how to deal with such things as negative peer-pressure, how to stand up for themselves.  The program would also emphasize problem solving in a positive way based on reactions, how to develop their innate talents and gifts and apply them to both help and treat themselves and to help others. This will all be achieved through a creative approach.  Also, once this theatre is established within the U.S., it would also expand throughout the global economy.  We could help the entire world this way – we could find peace.  This wouldn’t be a brainwashing method or anything backwards.  Yet a way to allow others to understand, recognize and apply the power that they possess within themselves, so that they don’t turn to drugs, alcohol and violence.  These current world issues need, more than ever, the attention of our parents, teachers and volunteers.  Professors would benefit by not only seeing the results, but by also gaining the satisfaction of molding and enhancing our youth.  This must be a solid, community action.  We could also have volunteers helping out who need to work off community service hours as well.  And teach them certain skills, such as gardening, sewing, etc.    So, with all of this being said, this program will work to everyone’s advantage.    This is possible.  Famous philosophers, mathematicians, tacticians and so forth had visions, and they went for them.  Their dreams were no longer just that.  Once they applied themselves and strived for what was once only a vision, it became their reality.    We can all use these extraordinary men and women as examples and become one of the many in history who contributed to the knowledge, development and advancements that we are privileged to take advantage of now.

Lusik Gasparyan


I will create garments that are simple but make everyone feel at their best. Simple elegance and comfort can be achieved with good quality fabrics, textiles with rich colors and patterns, and with the use of darts, gathering, seams and pleats. My idea of elegance and glamour are similar to those of Elie Saab and Marchesa. Their designs are creative without having to be over the top and simple without having to be ordinary. The structure put in the garment is the key. With a good construction, clothing can be both flattering and comfortable. Any person can roll out of bed, grab a clothing item and feel confident that he/she looks amazing. No longer a woman will think that a garment would have looked better on her if she was taller and skinnier. Women can confidently walk around in a simple but chic bright red dress and know they all have what it takes to pull it off. Its about time that we embrace our bodies and love ourselves with love handles and all. My designs will help people to no longer put on a big oversized shirt to hide their bodies in the volume of the fabrics. They do not have to drown in the sea of fabrics that are heavy and uncomfortable. The garments I design will be made with fabrics that breath and do not constrain bodies. In addition, every size and shape and age will be included in my designs. Older women can feel sexy and classy with garments that are both classic and modern. Children can be playful but age appropriate without having to wear tight revealing clothes that make them look older. Gentlemen can be stylish and comfortable, with clothing pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to show personal style. People can express their personalities and sense of style with garments that fit them well and show off their bodies in the best light. I will design garments that make people feel good about themselves every day.

Margaret Anne D. Manuel

Rectangles are stacked everywhere we go.  Rectangles are essential in everyday life, from the rectangular doors that the busy corporate workers go in and out from everyday, to simply the rectangular piano keys we press to play music.  Like our surroundings, fashion is also stacked with rectangles.  Fashion is a celebration of many shapes and sizes, particularly rectangles.  These are used to produce many kinds of styles in clothing, from basic long rectangular front and back pieces sewn together to create a simple tunic, to a decorative, yet useful rectangular patch pockets.  Using many pieces of just rectangles alone, a designer could create simple basic pieces, or more elaborate designs.  These rectangles cover the body in a way that the human eyes interpret  it as either nothing, but for others, an art feast of rectangles.

Lauren jenness
Design manifesto

Embrace your body, embrace your emotions, embrace your mood, embrace it and rock it. Fashion is freedom and we should never take that for granted. Today we will find women wearing coats with tails, shirts with collars, underwear as outerwear and the long list goes on. Women can dress to fit their mood or personality or just to rebel against gender differences. Today fashion can stand alone and be put in the hands of the consumers. We have many great couture designers to thank when it comes to liberated women’s fashion. One of the best couture houses brought women back into a feminine dress movement with “new look” and ended the boring functional dress of uniform. Women have the freedom to embrace everything and anything they want when it comes to fashion. Thanks to fashionistas all around the world from Paris to the states that continually push the current fashion trends and reach out for better even more extravagant fashions to shock the runways. We’ve rebelled against the tight corset and the form fitting clothing and slipped into the fitted sexy male suit. Let’s continue to test the times of fashion.

stott design manifesto

in today’s star-fucker culture of celebrity style, FASHION IS NO LONGER ART, and design can be relegated to a pill bottle at the target pharmacy.

one must own their ideas, take no prisoners and FUCK THE CRITICS! democratization should not dictate the end of ART AS FASHION…and FASHION AS ART!

art and commerce are not, nor have they ever been mutually exclusive…in this brave new global world, working commercially is not selling out, but one must replenish what they take, and give back when they earn…

do what you want, answer to yourself, there is no failure, only growth!  artists and designers alike must access their creative soul, once captured the internal aesthetic simply evolves.

be eccentric, be outrageous, be wrong, be right even if you’re not, be innovative, it is never ok to be boring!

the only constant in fashion is change…embrace or become

the only constant in fashion is change…embrace or become extinct.

simplify. revisit. reuse. reinvent. interpret. magnify.


Diana Pulido

The clothing of today has distorted the humane form visually and physically. The loose spandex elastic clothing does nothing to hold things in place, as they should be. There is no control on where the body flaps over or bulges out. The sloppy un-kept look has become the trend. It is bad enough sweat’s made there way to casual leisure wear when it was meant for and should be kept at the gym, but now people are going out in practically nothing with every crease to be exposed without shame, in to the public.  It is not whether or not one is thin or heavy but how the clothing fits on the body how one wears there clothing. Knowing what is appropriate to wear out in public and what should be kept at home. The excuse of this is more comfortable, but there is a limit on looking groomed vs rolling out of the gutter i.e. comfortable. Women have many choices in terms of garments to play with besides denim and pants, skirts and dresses can make many figures look more appealing and are in the same zone of comfort, but when choosing a dress or skirt one should steer away from full or long skirts that can make many look frumpy or a dress that gives the impression of a moo-moo picking something with a hint of detail in the sleeves, neck or bust area can make the fabric one uses into something else. Like a piece of art and working with the different mediums such as fabrics and the different tools or techniques can transform that medium to mimic a different texture.  Picking the right length in garments and  getting things tailored to fit your body is key, because no two bodies are the same and buying things off the rack always needs some sort of tailoring.  One should not be afraid of color, prints and patterns it can give a silhouette more “ummph”, and can set one into a lively upbeat mood. Ummph is used to description a garment with chic attitude, or edge. No matter what the size is there is a way to fit a garment to every body type and make them look good.


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