Twenty-Ten FADS Fashion Show

Some high lights from the student organized spring Fashion Show, held at California Market Center, Thursday May 20.

Aurelio Gonzales – Senior

“I am from Mendota, CA a small town up north, where dreams were all I had.”  Aurelio presented a collection of his “current state” and what he thinks is to come.

Jessica Hernandez – Senior

Jessica, is a Business Administration major, however she has a passion for fashion. Her parents work in the fashion industry and are an inspiration for her first collection of versatile garments for your hip party goers and classy cocktail looks.

Shantel Plascencia – Senior

Shantel has been producing personal costumes for the last five years.  She is presenting a collection inspired by nature and architecture with a touch of fantasy, for the dainty feminine form.

Kevin Kawashima – Senior

Was infected with the fashion bug, during a visit to Japan.  His collection presents a hybrid Japanese gothic Lolita as a dark morbid erotic subculture displaying a combination of punk and Victorian styles.

Melanie de Jesus – Senior

San Diego native, she moved to LA, in 2006.  She received an AA degree in Apparel manufacturing and Management from FIDM.  Melanie works full time, as a New Faces Development agent at Photogenics Media.  She collection is inspired by “Grunge Riche”.

Avery Hy – Senior

Presents a collection of high society, day to evening wear inspired by Robert Cavalli.  Avery’s three words to describe the collection: feminine, sensual, and soft.

Carolina Gomez

I am inspired by my mother who creates beautiful apparel and my uncle who is an artist, and these two people have influenced my career choices.  My collection consists of short and simple cocktail dresses for women who want to feel sexy.

Frederico Rangel Jr. – Junior

LA native Frederico presents a 1960’s mod fusion collection, using bright colors accented with black,in lace and taffeta.

Stephanie Martinez-Senior

Living with art all my life has inspired me to be a designer.  I pick up new tools and teach myself how to use them, to realize what is in my mind.  The garments I am showing are from various concepts inspired by historical figures, sculpture, architecture, food plating and re-purposed clothing.

Mayra Orozco – Senior

Mayra is a Fashion Design major with a certificate in Retail Marketing.  She presents a collection titled “Masquerade” inspired by Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland.  This is a contemporary style for today’s woman.  It’s fun, unique and daring for any special occasion.

Fatima – Senior

Born in Guinea, West Africa and raised between Southern Europe and Africa, Fatima has always been passionate about making people look beautiful.  This collection is about “recasting basics with a global edge”, which speaks to women from different parts of the world.

Robert Joseph – 1st year grad student

Robert moved to LA in 2007 to complete his Bachlor’s degree in Fashion.  Robert is now working on his masters degree, focusing on knit cut-sew garments.  He presents his first women’s wear collection in 5 years.  Inspired by Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko, Frank Gehry, Madame Gres and of course the “little black dress”.


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