ART 302 Final Projects

To gain and understanding of how society influences the way we dress, and how dress reflects back on society.  Students will transformed themselves and then placed themselves into situations in public space, and observed how people responded to them.  Here are some before and after samples to their work.

Alison, questioned the notion of westernizing and whiting within the Asian community.



Johanna, made and wore a Berkini on the beach in Santa Barbara,to experience what it felt like to be covered like a Muslim woman.


Margaret, became “Barbie”
Amber transformed herself into and old woman.  She sat through 3 hours of make-up to become aged.
Hanna spent the day living as a homeless teen on Hollywood blvd.
These are a few examples of the students work, there were many others such as becoming Lolita, a biker, pregnant, dressing like a Chola and shopping in beverly hills, and the list goes on.

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