ART 492 F – Senior Project Exhibition

Senior students, presented their final project for one week, Dec.6-11, 2011.


Bobbette Stott, realized a collection of recycled garments for plus sizes.


Margaret Manuel, created a bridal collection inspired by Hawaii


Mariah Perkins, gave Armani a new look.


Juana Saucedo, realized a collection inspired by Day of the Dead coupled with Victorian Architecture.


Fredrico Rangel generated a collection inspired by vintage car interiors.


Diana de Pulido created a collection of 60’s inspired suits, and business wear.  Her work was photographed by graphic design student Alex  Alonzo


Ricardo Mendez, acted out the roll as Fashion Buyer for Barney’s, choosing versatile looks for men.


Sherena Tu, presented photographs of her collection of black evening wear.


Shantel Plascencia created looks for fantasy film


One thought on “ART 492 F – Senior Project Exhibition

  1. Wow these projects were really great! I enjoyed looking at them. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to go see these, it would have been great to see these in person!

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