ART 459 Wearing Propaganda

Advanced fashion design students explored Propaganda garments and textiles of World War II.  This topic was a point of departure for the students generating garments with stenciled imagery exploring issues of contemporary propaganda.

Exhibition by the “the Last Amendment” Design House.

The vest is based on a motorcycle vest with the added comfort of knit fabric.  The motorcycle rider inspiration comes from films like Easy Rider and The Wild One.  The idea of a biker as a freedom loving nomad is the inspiration for the vest.  The image on the back is that of an AK-47 assault rifle used by many enemies of the United States.  It is hanging from a noose and the entire images is in red, white and blue.  The image represents my belief that enemies of the United States should hang up their weapons.  We are not the enemy.  I understand that American is not perfect but this country has always listened when enough people have spoken.  We have the power to change and we continue to do so.  There are issues to work out and speed bumps along the way but I believe in America and what it means to me.  It represents freedom, and with that freedom come choices, good and bad.  I wish that decisions were simple and easier but they never are.  I can only hope that America and it’s enemies make the right ones.

Federico Rangel Jr.


We are a product of the United States.  We pledge our lives to the US and for it stands.  Therefore, we make a promise to stand true to her in times of need, such as war….Our State gives us rights, but for a cost.  Money is what runs in the veins of our State, and without it she is dead.  We have adapted to feed her needs and listen to what we are told is right and wrong, but when we get out of line we are judged and punished.  How free are we to stand up to say what we believe in before we are broken down to size by the higher power.  We are a product of the United States.

Jessica Grand0




We must give up the gun in order to work together to protect the ones we love and care, and the earth we live in; otherwise, human extinction arrives much earlier than expected without any notice.  If there will be no more living things on this planet in the future, it is not worth to throw bombs on our beautiful planet.  Please treasure what we have today and make them better tomorrow.



Mutong Wu


How much are we willing to sacrifice during a time of need?  Today the government has so much control over who we are and what we do.  What if sacrifice came down to giving up the things that meant the most to us?  This garment represents women being sacrificed to the military.

Lauren Jenness


The Fucked Up Cookie Cutters


My garment was inspired by current views on women power and modern propaganda.  Propaganda is seen many times as a negative message but I wanted to translate a positive message in my design.  Throughout history women have been deprived from certain rights and until the 1920’s women had a voice to speak.  With this change, women have taken control of their lives.  This garment is a fitted short dress accentuating the feminine figure.  The fabric is sheer to create a seductive feeling.  These certain elements make a women sexy, and confident and powerful.

Johana Martinez

A prominent propaganda from WWII, Rosie the Riverter, was an icon to many women back then and up to present time.  The Rosie the Riverter propaganda posters were made by the government and were targeted towards housewives to take up industrial jobs, while men were at war.  However, they were expected to return to the home once the men came back from war.  Henced, “Fucked up”.  This army green colored, denim romper signified the WWII period.  The romper is short with the addition of red stitching adds a contemporary flare.

Lana Nguyen

I was inspired by the 1950’s propaganda from the text “Wearing Propaganda”.  MY main inspiration was Rosie the Riverter .  She represents the American woman who worked int he factories.  I chose to make a feminine dress with a masculine work shirt top.  The stenciled are a hybrid of male and female “We can do it” attitude.  I chose patriot colors to emphasis the war effort from WWII.

Stefanie Gonzales



Out of the kitchen and into the workforce, we sought comfort, functionality and style.  With our boys overseas, we became Riveters.  This fitted flight suit in olive-green pinstriped denim, represents women during this time.

Jena Johnson

I designed a garment reflective of the post WWII period.  emblazoned with powerful women symbols inspired by the women who did mens’ work during  the war.

Daisy Garcia


My garment is meant to represent peace and equality between both sexes, with a splash of sexiness.

Sherena Tu


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