FADS CLUB opportunities

La Finesse de la Nuit: Wednesday April 13, 5-10p (fashion show tentatively between 7:30-8:30p)
Earth Day Art Exhibit: Thursday April 21st, 10a-4:30p (fashion show time tentative)
Senior Project Fashion Show at CalMart Center DTLA: Thursday May 26, 1-5p  (Design sketches must be submitted by April 28th and your 3-5 “Complete” Looks must be complete and submitted by May 12th for entry!)

If anyone would like to participate on a committee for marketing, production, or anything else, then please do let us know.  Right now we have 2 fashion shows coming up within the next 2 months and we need help!  Leigh Anne, Lana and myself all went to the Board of Directors meeting and were approved for a grant from ASI to help us out for the fashion show on May 26th!  We are also accepting submissions for all three fashion shows for you to showcase your talent and represent CSULA in it’s best light!

For the Senior Project Fashion Show as well as for the two held on campus, we are seeking the following:

Advertising/Publicity (LA Weekly, any local paper, flyers, word of mouth and via internet)
Persons who know how to operate lighting, etc
Models on the cheap
(We are in the process of trying to source some, yet if you or a friend have modeling experience and are of the standard physique, please let us know!)
Gift Packs (FADS is writing proposals for these things, although your help counts and is appreciated!)
Concessions/Bar Tenders
Help with Installations
(For the on-campus shows)
Make-up and wardrobe
(Probably from Trade Tech)

If you are interested in helping out FADS, or participating in any the fundraiser or in any of the fashion shows, then please send us your name and contact info.

All the best,

Jena Marie Johnson
FADS Co-President



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