Daphne Mangin –

Senior Daphne Magin will be interning this summer for Vintazia Vintage, Your Destination For Vintage Bliss!  Daphne will be assisting the Designer.  This company is a perfect fit for Daphne, and we wish her the best.

VINTAZIA founder Susie (Freedman) Londoner is a former dancer with New York City Ballet. Her love of everything vintage began back in her ballet days. On tour with the ballet company, Susie would to drop her bags, and head to the nearest Vintage store! Now living in Los Angeles with her family, her passion for finding vintage one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories and finds for the home lives on.

 A fervent flea market buff, thrift store shopper, and unable to pass up any garage sale, Susie’s closet is filled with vintage clothing and her Los Angeles Cottage style home is decorated with Vintage finds. Susie decided it was time to spread her fashion wings and share her passion for vintage clothing by starting VINTAZIA.
Susie understands a women’s desire to wear clothes that speak of her Unique style. With a dancer’s flair, background as a stylist, and photographer’s eye, Susie brings her unbridled lust for Vintage Clothing and goodies to you and your home with love and joy!

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