Social Fabric Lecture – Combat paper

Social Fabric Lecture Series –

This series is in support of  the Social Fabric Exhibition at the Craft and Folk Ark Museum on which is up until May 5.  Both the lecture series and exhibition explore the material and philosophical influences of 20th century craft on recent contemporary art. These artists create opportunities for interaction or collaboration between themselves and their audiences; and Interventionist artists, who insert art into unexpected places, and subvert traditional art displays.


This Lecture series is sponsored by College of Arts and Letters, Craft and Folk Art Msueum, ASI and FADS.


Tonight’s speaker is Drew Cameron of Combat paper.


The Combat Paper Project facilitates papermaking workshops where veterans use their uniforms worn in service to create works of art. The uniforms are cut up, beaten into a pulp and formed into sheets of paper. Participants use the transformative process of papermaking to reclaim their uniforms as art and express their experiences with the military.

The Combat Paper Project is based out of studios throughout the United States and has traveled to Canada, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Kosovo providing workshops, exhibitions, performances and artists’ talks. This project is made possible through the collaborative effort of artists, veterans, volunteers, colleges and universities, art collectors, cultural foundations and art spaces.

Through ongoing participation in the papermaking process, combat paper project  broadens the traditional narrative surrounding the military experience and warfare. The work also generates a much-needed conversation between veterans and civilians regarding our collective responsibilities and shared understanding of war.







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    Our Next Social Fabric Lecture will be Saturday March 2nd at the Craft and Folk Art Museum. Our first was such a huge success! Check out what Made at csula had to say about it !

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