Consuelo Jimenez Underwood – Artist Talk Talk:

Xena-Borderlands by


Tuesday Jan 21, 1:30 pm
Fine Arts 223

Over thirty years ago, when “craft vs. art” was the most divisive issue in the arts, Consuelo Jimenez Underwood discovered and established her “authentic artistic voice,” refocusing her artistic studies from the paintbrush and pigments to “needle and thread.” Empowered by the voices of her indigenous maternal ancestors, she began to cross the intellectual borders that separated the hand and the mind from the “fine” art spirit.

Her work is a reflection of personal border experiences: the interconnectedness of societies, insisting on beauty in struggle, and celebrating the notion of seeing this world through her tri-cultural lens.  Engaging materials, which reflect a contemporary hyper-modern sensitivity, are interwoven to create large-scale fiber art that is inspired in equal measures by land, politics and the spirit.

This artist talk is sponsored by Fashion and Textiles Option, Department of Art and the College of Arts and Letters.


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