Great Event with the Art History Society of CSULA! April 4-5 2014



The honoree for the 2014 Mesoamerican Symposium is Dr. Patricia R. Anawalt, who is world renowned for her expertise in the regalia of ritual, power and quotidian life of Mesoamerican civilizations, as well as for her interpretative reading of the Codex Mendoza.

The Codex Mendoza is the historic record of the Mexica (Aztecs) from 1325 through 1521 that includes the detailed founding of Tenochtitlan. Among Dr. Anawalt’s published books is The Essential Codex Mendoza (co-authored with Dr. Frances Berdan), Clothing Before Cortes: Mesoamerican Costumes from the Codices, Shamanic Regalia from the Far North, and various others.

Dr. Anawalt is also the founding director of the Center for the Study of Regional Dress, a laboratory and research center located at the Fowler Museum. Our symposiums are the largest Mesoamerican gatherings in the United States and Europe by featuring top scholars and academics in the field of Mesoamerican Studies. Please glance at the attached documents which indicate the topics and lecturers that will be presented. Do not miss this stellar event. Register via Email: Help us pass the word by sharing this event on Facebook.

To RSVP please email

For more information visit AHS CSULA on Facebook.

Manuel Aguilar-Moreno, PhD
Professor of Art History
California State University, Los Angeles


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