Traveling Miles: The Art and Alchemy of Natural Dye


Come and hear the travel adventures and explorations of natural dye processes from around the globe.

Traveling Mile: The Art and Alchemy of Natural Dyeing Work by Bay Area Artist Kenya Miles

Tuesday November 4, 2014 3:15-4:15
Fine Art 239 CSULA

Traveling Miles Studio is a hub for creative expression through various avenues in the fiber arts. TMS embraces and explores the art and alchemy of natural dyeing and is at once wholly inspired by both the tactile and ephemeral.

Kenya Miles is the artist & alchemist behind Traveling Miles Studio. From the valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico to the red clay roads of Ntonso, Ghana, Kenya’s process is a ledger of years of wandering and apprenticing around the globe. Utilizing sustainable materials, her work honors ancient practices while harmoniously drawing on a distinctive contemporary voice.

This talk is sponsored by the Fashion and Textiles Option, Department of Art, College of Arts and Letters


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